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Used PRUDENTLY and frugally, credit helps you manage your


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your financial health


Do you manage your money well? Do your expenses exceed your income?


Take a few minutes to fill out the following questionnaire in order to evaluate your financial health.


Check the questions to which you have answered " yes ".

Are you in the habit of paying your bills late?
Are you using more than the budgeted portion of income to pay your bills?
Is the money put aside to pay your bills used for something else?
Do you make only the minimum monthly payments on your loans and credit cards?
Have you reached or exceeded the limit on your credit cards?
Do you borrow or use your credit cards for purchases that you would normally pay cash?
Do you use your savings in order to pay your bills?
Do you receive calls from collection agencies because you have not paid your bills?
Do you push back an appointment to the dentist or the purchase of medication because of the cost?
If you or your spouse should lose your job, would you immediately find yourself in financial difficulty?
Are your aware of the amount of your debts?
If you were separated from your spouse, would you find it difficult to assume all of the debts for which you may be personally responsible?