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Used PRUDENTLY and frugally, credit helps you manage your


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Here are some of the warning signs:

  • Regular borrowing from friends and relatives to make ends meet
  • Difficulty in paying bills on time
  • Using credit to purchase the basics (for ex: food, clothing etc.)
  • Paying only the minimum amount on credit cards
  • Late rent or mortgage payments
  • Collection call
  • Interruption or threatened interruption of utilities (electricity, telephone)
  • Cash advances on one credit card to pay another
  • Little or no savings to cover an emergency expense or the consequence of a job loss


If you recognize yourself in one of these situations, you should consult to find out what your options are.


The first step and often the hardest, is the becoming aware of and the accepting of the situation. The fear of being judged and the embarrassment are usually important factors that create a major obstacle. Rest assured that you are not alone in this situation.


By taking advice and acting quickly, you can avoid many concerns and you may even realize that alternatives exist, more so than if you ignore the problem and do nothing. Please consult an insolvency professional.