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Used PRUDENTLY and frugally, credit helps you manage your


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to help you save

Putting money aside is a habit that is difficult in everyday life.


However, simple things can help you establish financial health. Here are a few examples which, at first glance, might seem trivial, but will have a positive effect:

  • Establish a budget and follow it meticulously. Have a dedicated budget line for savings;
  • When you do your groceries, make sure you have a full stomach. It works.;
  • Prepare a shopping list beforehand and stick to it;
  • Week after week, watch for supermarket discounts;
  • Create your menu for the week, taking into account the discounts in the flyers;
  • Take advantage of sales to stock up on staples;
  • Divide perishable foods into smaller portions and freeze them;
  • Avoid convenience stores and favour supermarkets; you will save 20% on average;
  • When possible, use public transportation or carpool to get to work;
  • Read purchase contracts carefully and consult experts before making a commitment;
  • Compare products and services from multiple vendors; comparing is buying smartly;
  • Shop carefully for your vehicle by analyzing the duration of warranties, fuel consumption, and government subsidies for more fuel-efficient vehicles.